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General objective

BKC aims at:

  • becoming involved in the change of economic and production model by generating new activities based on innovation and knowledge.
  • attracting and encouraging talent, based on full internationalization.
  • developing a comprehensive model of campus committed to the environment in a sustainable manner and student-oriented.

Strategic objectives

The BKC is an alliance of university, research, business and social institutions which together make up a framework of strategic collaboration for the purpose of forming an exemplary scientific and technological environment in Europe.

The following strategic objectives have been set in order to achieve the project’s vision:

  • Coordinate actions and maximize the visibility of the different organizations comprising this alliance in order to place BKC in the global top 100 n its sphere
  • Consolidate teaching excellence in the degree programmes offered during the European convergence process
  • Increase academic efficiency by focusing efforts on preferred or priority areas for the alliance and facilitating employability
  • Commit to active mobility policies which promote and increase student exchanges and themobility of teaching and research staff
  • Make new research infrastructures and innovation services managed in a professional, efficient manner available to the alliance
  • Combine the concepts of knowledge transfer and appraisal through developing comprehensive, innovative models which allow for the sustainable transformation of the local environment
  • Re-convert spaces into meeting points favouring collaborative learning, cultural exchange, research, and socialization
  • Promote sustainable development in the fields of training, research, management, and social interaction and commitment
  • Expand the range of social, cultural, sports, and residential activities offered according to the current and future collective needs of the students sharing the BKC environment
  • Totally adapt the campus for disabled access, thereby consolidating its position as a benchmark institution in the research, development and innovation (R&D&I) of assisted technologies