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BKC is a collective project which aims to strengthen the idea of participative and cooperative government. The participation of different groups (university, business, institutional, government, and social) in the quest for consensus on activities aimed at changing the current model is essential. Therefore, all the relevant institutions should be involved in the creation of the BKC coordination and management unit from the very beginning to ensure that they are active participants in the project.

To this end, a Unit Governance Committee will be created comprising the rectors of the UB and UPC, the Mayor of Barcelona, the Chairperson of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the Chairperson of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

In order to share and articulate the different intentions for and feelings toward the strategy, organizational structures for talks and enquiries will need to be established: Scientific Council, Citizens’ Council, and Business Council.


Members of the CEI-BKC Councils, update June 2014 (PDF)