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FP actions on campus BKC

BKC currently collaborates with Vocation Training (VT) by providing work experience to the students and by organizing recruitment and promotion activities, especially through the Exploratory of Nature Resources (ERN) located in Berga, which every year organizes a Knowledge Fair aimed at students from secondary schools and higher vocational training.

In accordance with the priority area "Coordination in the field of Higher Education", BKC intends to arrange, increase and disseminate a curricular internship programme for VT students on campus. To that end, guidelines set out by both universities will be applied in an training protocol for these students which highlights the access to scientific instrumentation and the unique academic environment offered by BKC (in comparison with the companies offer). Thus, having completed internships in outstanding scientific facilities may improve job opportunities for these students in the private sector. In addition, BKC will continue and intensify the activity programme for VT students: open days, recruitment sessions, professional presentations, etc.

Bring VT students closer to university services, facilities and labs will help to strengthen relations between both parties as well as to promote useful synergies leading to a full training of these students.

Pràctiques d´estudiants de Formació Professional en centres singulars del Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC)

Proposed development of vocational training in BKC (PDF in Spanish)