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Innovation and Transfer

The partnership between the University of Barcelona and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC.BarcelonaTech, along with the BKC elements of Science & Technology, is one of the most outstanding assets of this Campus of International Excellence. Are part of the BKC two scientific parks, highly committed with the knowledge generation and transfer processes, two technology centers, dedicated to applying university research capabilities to innovation in business, and the Innova Programme, a service intended to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and the innovative potential of the campus by supporting the creation of new businesses (spin offs). In addition, BKC hosts the KTT offices from both universities.




Innova Programme

Innova Programme Innova aims to promote the research carried out in the campus, to encourage a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among researchers, students and teachers, and to help increase the innovative potential of their groups and units, favoring the creation of new companies and valuation instruments fruit of knowledge.




The purpose of the UPC Technology Center (CIT UPC) is to create better conditions for the transfer of research results and technology developed by the TECNIO centres to the business world for commercialisation and, by extension, to society at large.


The Centre for Innovation and Advanced Technologies aims to become the meeting point between research groups and companies interested in carrying out R & D projects. The CITA-UB promotes and fosters interdisciplinary transfer activities in the various fields of knowledge, in order to transfer them to the society and to thereby contribute to improving business competitiveness.

Patent and Licensing Office

The Office of Patents and Licensing is responsible for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights in all research activities carried out by members and groups of the university community, and in the process of knowledge and technology transfer developed in the framework of these activities.

Parc UPC

Parc UPC was conceived with the mission to become a dynamic socioeconomic agent between university, government and businesses, and to promote the social commitment of the university by encouraging research, innovation, transfer of results and technological progress.


The Barcelona Science Park is a meeting point where university, business and society come together to promote innovation. Its goals are to potentiate quality research with the support of a wide range of technologies, to revitalise the relation between university and business, to promote the creation of new companies and institutions and to further the science-society dialogue and encourage careers in science.

Technology Offers

Technology Offers is the online catalog of available technology in campus launched to give visibility to the portfolio of patents resulting from research activity, a window of the R&D performed at the university in scientific and technological emerging areas such as energy and environment.



CTT Technology Transfer Centre

CTT Technology Transfer Centre was founded to provide support to the universiry research centres and to companies, and to promote technological innovation through the transfer of research results. The CTT is also a key instrument in the campus for providing the best technology alternatives and strategic advice on public funding for research, development and innovation projects. The CTT’s services are available to all companies, whether they are large or small corporations, public or private institutions or any other organizations that wish to benefit from the research and development carried out at the campusy. Thus, the university aims to become the research, development and innovation department for Spain’s industrial sector.

Bosch i Gimpera Foundation

The Foundation makes the scientific and technical capacities, research results, and know-how generated within the university groups available to businesses, institutions and society in general. It works to ensure that the results of esearch with genuine potential reach the market, through the creation of new companies based on knowledge and patent licensing. It also promotes a spirit of enterprise in the university environment, as well as protecting research results.