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Transformation of the campus

In the beginning, the university’s buildings and equipment were designed, built, and installed to meet internal needs, i.e., to be used almost exclusively by the university. This vision of what a university campus should be like has changed radically: today, new campuses are conceived as a creative piece of the urban environment and as factor for social, economic and local stimulation. Thus, the actions proposed in this sector focused on improving accessibility and sustainability:

  • Improving accessibility for people with disabilities: completing the process of eliminating architectural obstacles
  • Improving infoaccessibility
  • Improvement of emergency evacuation plans for people with disabilities
  • Adaptation of campus security to an open environment
  • System of Information on Consumption of Energy Resources and Water (SIRENA)
  • Improvements in energy efficiency
  • Research into sustainable building and energy resource Management
  • Adaptation of specific spaces for safe storage of research laboratory waste
  • Waste prevention and recycling programme