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Scientific improvement

The BKC is an alliance of teaching, research, and business institutions that together form a framework for strategic collaboration that aims to become a leader in the fields of science and technology in southern Europe. The BKC currently makes its top quality research facilities and scientific and technical services available to the university community and the productive sector. In this area, the actions are aimed at grouping and coordinating scientific infrastructures and scientific and technical services units, at improving scientific and technological equipment and modernizing facilities and at recruitment and training of researchers and technologists:

  • Concentration and/or coordination of infrastructures and Scientific and Technical Service units
  • Renovation and acquisition of new equipment
  • Improvement of the major scientific infrastructure of the Maritime Research and Experimentation Channel
  • Creation of the ChemBioBank laboratory
  • Enlarging and improving the Laboratory Animal Applied Research Platform
  • Offer of several predoctoral scholarships and several postdoctoral positions for the incorporation of international staff within the BKC
  • Mechanisms for publicizing scholarships