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Knowledge transfer

In recent years, the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) have made considerable efforts to become leaders in the generation of knowledge. Twenty-three research centres, the Barcelona Science Park (a pioneer model in Spain in the integration of university researchers), over 200 start-ups, 47 spin-offs (9 of them affiliates), the large volume of national and international patents (192 in the last three years) and numerous appraisal and knowledge transfer instruments have made the BKC a leader in the process of innovation through scientific and technological knowledge. This area includes the creation of the Centre of Technological Innovation (CIT), several programmes to stimulate innovation, and the consolidation and internationalization of research appraisal:


  • Definition, launching and implementation of the CIT
  • International Centre for Business Accommodation
  • Knowledge to Market Programme (K2M)
  • R&D&I Mini-Cluster Programme
  • University-Business Programmes
  • Programme for the appraisal and transfer of knowledge generated by research groups
  • Training of technical transfer personnel in the international arena
  • Promoting the internationalization of knowledge transfer
  • Marketing of industrial and intellectual property
  • Creation of platforms and springboards for entry into research groups and spin-off companies
  • Creation of a seed fund for technology-based companies
  • Alliances with leading organizations in their areas of specialization, receivers of knowledge generated in R&D&I programmes