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Interaction between campus and its enviroment

The actions proposed in this sphere are aimed at fostering a BKC campus model that covers not only the typical university activities but the common values of the university members in connection with the environment as well: mobility, creation of didactic, cultural, social and sports areas and new architectural infrastructures:

  • Adapting multipurpose spaces for cultural activities and public events open to the city
  • Urban renewal to create new social spaces
  • Remodelling of auditoriums and meeting rooms to adapt them to new formats of participation, presentation and conferences
  • Improving sports facilities
  • University halls of residence in the athletic area
  • A space for student and neighbourhood associations and associations affiliated with the municipality
  • Promoting the use of bicycles
  • Promoting the walkability of the campus
  • Creating internal collective transport to link buildings and areas distant from the campus
  • Promoting the use of public transport to access the campus
  • Construction of the CICRIT Building
  • AUEB Building
  • Construction of the L2 services building
  • Construction of the new student hall of residence
  • Construction of the Doctoral Studies Building in the area of technology for research groups
  • Structures and equipment for the campus and its future configuration