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Adaptation to the EHEA

In order to fully implement the new teaching-learning model adapted to the European Higher Education Area, the BKC project includes an area of action devoted to educational innovation that consolidates existing projects and strengthens the participation of the teaching staff with a clear student-centred orientation. The strands of action are: Teaching innovation, Adaptation of spaces, classrooms and services to the requirements of the EHEA, Student employability and Secondary and professional training cooperation programmes.

  • Encouraging teaching innovation projects on the campus
  • Encouraging the participation of the teaching staff in educational innovation activities
  • Improvements in fibre optics and expansion and improvement of WiFi areas on campus
  • Modernization of equipment, programs and infrastructures of IT classrooms
  • Remodelling Learning and Research Resource Centres (LRRCs) and adapting the campus for 24 hour learning
  • Setting up spaces for small work groups
  • Adapting classrooms to the new needs of the European Higher Education Area
  • Expanding the academic infrastructures to meet the needs of the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes
  • Increasing collaboration offers on the campus to balance study and work needs
  • Increasing the availability of professional work education placements and personal attention to students in their last year to help them enter the workforce
  • Strengthening the professional career orientation service
  • Programmes to motivate secondary school students to undertake university studies
  • Programmes to promote science and technology studies in secondary education
  • Secondary school teacher training to improve science and technology teaching and learning