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Academic improvement

Teaching is the fundamental function of universities. Society demands complete, quality teaching for students which guarantees a suitable level of training and integration into the workforce. The process of constructing the EHEA will bring substantial changes to teaching and learning models, as well as to the quality of teaching and employability. Actions set out in this area involve a change in the educational-learning model and in the quality and employability aspects. These actions are focused on improving the international position of the campus, creating a PhD School and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation skills:

  • International postgraduate and postdoctoral talent recruitment
  • Creation of an international point of admission and attention
  • Expansion of the range of master’s courses taught in English
  • Potenciación de las alianzas internacionales
  • Strengthening international alliances
  • Creation of the BKC International Postgraduate and Doctoral School
  • Definition of the structure of shared management
  • Increase training programmes related to entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Integration of entrepreneurship in new study programmes
  • Fostering initiatives aimed at the promotion of research on Entrepreneurship